1. Blue Plastic Bag

    Filmed in real time with ambient sound from the studio left on. Plastic can be kinda magical.

  2. Warp stabilised cherry blossom, wind, John Street, Brighton.

  3. Temporary workspace at uni.

  4. Testing stuff

  5. Magnolia tree, Hartington Road, Brighton.

  6. Woodlouse

  7. Sofa fabric, scaffolding & tape, Queen’s Park Road, Brighton.

  8. Snail, Queen’s Park Road, Brighton.

  9. Cat, Windmill Street, Brighton. 

  10. Late afternoon/early evening, Mother’s Day, wilting flowers in bootscraper. Hanover, Brighton.

  11. Elm Grove/Queens Park Road Junction, Brighton.

  12. Cobden Road, Brighton

  13. Fluff in a tree, Beaufort Terrace, Brighton.

  14. At the corner of Edward St. & White St. in Brighton.

  15. Wooden post outside Queens Park electrical substation, Brighton.