1. Warp stabiliser, cherry blossom, wind, John Street, Brighton. 

  2. Temporary workspace at uni.

  3. Testing stuff

  4. Magnolia, Hartington Road, Brighton.

  5. Woodlouse

  6. Sofa fabric, scaffolding & tape, Queen’s Park Road, Brighton.

  7. Snail, Queen’s Park Road, Brighton.

  8. Cat, Windmill Street, Brighton. 

  9. Late afternoon/early evening, Mother’s Day, wilting flowers in bootscraper. Hanover, Brighton.

  10. Elm Grove/Queens Park Road Junction, Brighton.

  11. Cobden Road, Brighton

  12. Fluff in a tree, Beaufort Terrace, Brighton.

  13. At the corner of Edward St. & White St. in Brighton.

  14. Wooden post outside Queens Park electrical substation, Brighton.

  15. Seagull wing